"Invitation Only"

bullet point summary below the cut as usual

  • this must be like the 500th time shifu gets squished by someone bigger than him
  • i love how shifu just ignores everything po does to him, including jabbing at his ears, sharing food and spitting in his food (!!!!)
  • "we don’t normally attend banquets….for bureaucrats.” u can almost taste the biting sarcasm in that line
  • does anyone else notice how touchy-feely hu is to shifu throughout this entire episode
  • can we add him to the “list of people i’m pretty sure have a crush on shifu” along with taotie and tong fo
  • oh my god shifu’s so giddy at hu leaving it’s so cute
  • he hates other people in his business oh my god
  • normally shifu is all about tradition and rules, so it’s nice to see him finally starting to break away from that and be “free”, as he puts it. he actually seems breathless with excitement, like he just got away with stealing a cookie from the cookie jar for the first time.
  • looks like shifu’s arc is sticking!! he’s realizing now that “traditional” doesn’t always equal “great”. it’s so nice that he’s starting to experiment.
  • "i don’t want to do a skit." shifu is me
  • "i don’t want to do a skit." it just gets funnier every time he says it
  • "i don’t want to do a skit." oh my god he just keeps repeating it he does noT WANT TO DO THIS SKIT
  • po and temutai parallels are my absolute FAVORITE. i’m such a sucker for these.
  • it’s also really cute that temutai sent warriors- to ask where his invitation went.
  • oh noooooooo po
  • oh noooo shifu feels awful
  • ok i’ve gotta give shifu props here for trying to improve po’s self-esteem by training him- just like he did in the first movie. shifu is starting to try to fix problems he’s (indirectly) caused, rather than just ignoring them and letting them rot and fester for 20 years cough cough tai lung
  • oh my god they both look so excited. po’s excited that he won’t be ostracized anymore and shifu is so proud and excited to teach him and have him join them. oh my god these cuties.
  • "the skinless demons of taoyan province" ok that actually sounds pretty epic
  • okay, am i the only one who feels cheated by that joke? here i was, preparing for a fun(ny) training sequence, only to be crushed when shifu gives up? and dear god, this has to be the cruelest joke of the episode. i didn’t find this funny at all. :I
  • it is nice that we got some info on shifu’s furious five days though.
  • ah. the skit returns. shifu is LEARNING from po!!!! yes. we are continuing this trend. this is good.
  • oh my god now i know why shifu doesn’t like skits
  • i will say this though, pre-“my favorite yao” shifu would have never done this
  • this is a disaster
  • who let shifu act
  • or tigress for that matter
  • like father like daughter
  • what is with shifu and the furious five being beaten so easily. come on„,
  • there’s something incredibly depressing in the way that po sneaks in like he did as a child.
  • so po DOES know manners
  • he just doesnt
  • use them????
  • ok one thing that bothered me: po always gets his way??? like it was great that the bureaucrat ate as slobbily as po but i feel like the series always does this- as if they write the characters around po. i get the lesson about being yourself but?
  • ugh hu gets away with everything ugh
  • poOR SHIFU (but dont you know that he’ll only be replaced with someone worse)

All in all, I didn’t like this episode as much as I thought I would. It all seemed unnecessarily cruel, especially since they basically made a big joke about something Po can barely control.

Still it is nice to see them finally sticking to their arcs- Shifu is considerably more creative, and Po has reset to his self-depreciating characterization (which is better than “arrogant jerk” if you ask me).

Altogether, it was “eh”. Some great Shifu moments, but it all just seemed like passive bullying to me. :II

  1. nintengirl218 said: I’m still glad that I sprinted home to see it! It was funny as heck! Although, I still can’t believe that Shifu and the 5 were defeated so easily…
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